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We started this company in 1998 with a determination to work with every customer honestly, fairly and with the highest regard for the privacy of the information we're entrusted with.  Over the years we've developed a reputation for not only succeeding in that goal, but also for establishing a standard that few other computer support companies will even try to achieve, and none can surpass.

Whether we're talking about the servers and workstations we build, or the services we perform, reliability is at the heart of everything we do.  In an era where computers are expected to continue working about one day longer than their warranty period, we have computers that we built five or six years ago that are still going strong (although they're obviously out-of-date) without ever needing a single repair.  THAT'S reliability!  And our support services have the exact same quality standard applied to them, as well.  We stand 100% behind our work, so we do our very best to do things right the first time! 




Our unsurpassed level of personalized customer service has always been the keystone of our success, and we're not about to change the way we work.  From the smallest "Mom & Pop" companies and private users, right on up to our biggest government contracts, each client gets a 110% effort from us, every time.

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