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Why buy a PCS custom computer, instead of buying a major name brand computer? 

It boils down to an emphasis on quality, as opposed to quantity. 

Start with the parts used:  Components of the highest possible quality are selected to match your individual needs. 

Each computer is carefully assembled by hand, and tested extensively to insure the very highest quality in workmanship. 

Upon delivery the computer is set up for you by PCS technicians. 

Quality is the #1 priority, at every step of the process!!!  Subsequently, most of our computers function trouble-free for years. 

Our warranty is unsurpassed in the industry; we stand behind our systems and get any problems resolved. 

Our computers are completely upgradeable, so there's no need to replace the entire computer when technology advances. 

Yes, our computers do cost a little more. 

But their life-span is usually several times that of any of the major brands. 

In the long run, a quality custom-built PCS computer will usually cost much less than the two or three name brand computers you would need in its stead.

Plus, on the rare occasions that repairs are needed, replacement parts are nonproprietary, and thus can be easily and affordably obtained, greatly reducing both the time and expense of repairs.

For a personalized price quote on a custom computer to meet YOUR needs,

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